For those who go to the bathhouse for the first time

For those who go to the bathhouse for the first time

  1. You should steam up first, then wash.
  2. It will be useful to take a warm shower (2-3 min.) before the steam room.
  3. Do not wet your head, but it is advisable to wet the hat with cold water.
  4. Enter the steam room only in a hat, preferably felt and wide-brimmed, or make a turban out of a towel.
  5. Choose shorter, fluffier and lighter brooms – two are better.
  6. Ordinary mittens really help to keep the palms from scuffing with brooms.
  7. On the first visit to the steam room, first warm up without a broom for 5-7 minutes. Then drink hot tea to improve warming up “from the inside”.
  8. Give it only with boiling water; try to give it in small portions and only in the hottest place of the wood burning heater (water in such a place will “clap” or “explode”) from this, the steam will be dry, and therefore “light” or “soft”.
  9. Rest after the steam room without cooling down, avoid drafts.
  10. The duration of the bath procedure is determined by your condition, but you should not abuse the steam room.
  11. A very good principle for a bathhouse is gradualness and moderation.

12. If you are physically ready and swim in the snow or plunge into the wooden hot tub with ice water. You came to the bathhouse and have already entered the steam room twice. Now you can try – first warm up hard in the steam room, then quickly go in the snow/water and again in the steam room, steam well with brooms.

How to use the bathhouse correctly

Steam up – don’t burn yourself,

give boiling water – don’t singe,

don’t fall off the shelf.

Those who are not privy to the art of the bath procedure will be skeptical about the question: “Do you know how to use a bath?” Without hesitation, he will answer: “What’s complicated here? In the beginning, I’ll take a steam bath, and then I’ll wash under the shower – and I’m ready.” True bathhouse lovers won’t say that.

The art of the bathhouse procedure comprises many components: preparation of optimal heat, creation of the necessary humidity and pleasant smells in the steam room, properly selected and specially prepared broom and the ability to use it, timely application of contrast effects and many other points on which your mood and health will depend.

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